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Skywatcher Press welcomes short story, novella, and novel length submissions from all authors. We publish novels as well as regular anthologies in the Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror genres, as well as action, adventure, and mysteries.

We are seeking well written and edited manuscripts with strong plots and developed characters in any and all facets of these genres. The most important quality we are seeking is to open your manuscript and be taken on a thrilling journey. How you pull that off is uniquely yours, and our goal is to only publish the absolute highest quality books which stand out in the genre. We produce books which suck the reader in and compel them from start to finish. 

If you want to send us a genre niche like TEOTWAWKI, SHTF, Kaiju, Zombies, Sword and Sorcery, Steampunk, etc… then bring something unique to the table, change the rules, blow our minds with your awesomeness. Or deliver it to us with such an unrepentant cast of intriguing characters and cleverness that we simply can’t say no. We enjoy thought provoking concepts in science fiction that reflect modern society in horrifying or fascinating ways. 


Excessive gore and/or sexuality is acceptable as long as it’s relevant to the story. We do not want erotica or pornography for its own sake, but will not turn away anything due to extreme content as long as the story is great.


Unsolicited manuscripts from published and new authors alike will be considered. Please send Email Queries only, including an email introducing yourself with a 300 word synopsis of your book, along with your manuscript in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format to


Other guidelines our editors thank you for:

Make sure you edit your manuscript before submitting. 
Manuscript must be written using American English spelling and terminology.

Save your file with a .31 first line indent (located in the paragraph settings).

One space between a period and a sentence. Not TWO.  

Send your manuscripts Single-spaced.

Submit short stories the same way.


Please indicate if your submission is exclusive to us, or if it is a simultaneous submission that is being sent to another publisher. Also note if your submission has been previously published elsewhere. We do consider simultaneous submissions, but if you choose to publish with another publisher please notify us promptly as a courtesy.

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