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AVAILABLE NOW digital and paperback!




  1. extreme fear.

It lurks in the night, around you, it chokes you when your mind roams. Terror is hearing footsteps when you’re alone in your home, terror is hearing noises in the darkness, seeing shadows move when everything is still.

What are you afraid of? Nothing. Everything. It could be your friend or neighbor, it could be a stranger. It could be something far more sinister. Terror reminds you that you are alive.

Step into the twilight zone and let these masters of terror whisper into your ear.

TOC: Al Hagan, Brandon Barrows, Christian Saunders, Claire Davon, Colin Shand Bradley, Dan Allen, David Berger, Kurt Newton, James Harper, Jennifer Loring, Marie Lanza, Mark Dubovec, Matthew Hollis Damon, Michael Moore, Rich Restucci, Richard Clive, Shaun Avery, Vitor Abdala, Victoria Hancox, Wi-Moto Nyoka



AVAILABLE NOW digital and paperback!

Grab your bug out bag, strap on every weapon you can find, and get ready for a 600-page descent into undead hell! This gigantic book of the dead and reanimated is brought to you by 30 mind-scarring apocalyptic word warriors penning you horrors you could never have imagined… and can only live safely through by reading The Dead Unleashed.

TOC: Mark Tufo, Javan Bonds, Rich Restucci, Brandon Scott, Blake Standard, Jay Wilburn, Joseph C. DiNallo, Marie Lanza, Matthew Hollis Damon, Steve Oden, R.J. Spears, Kurt Newton, Jacob Austin, Roxanne Dent, James Robert Smith, Chantal Boudreau, Maria Wickens, Chad A. B. Wilson, Catlyn Ladd, Troy Diffenderfer, Sean M. Davis, Gregory L. Norris, Claire Davon, Stanley B. Webb, Tim Latham, Phoenix Roberts, Jay Seate, John Teel, Shelly Lyons, Darrin Bright.

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